What are Trigger Points?

Trigger points are regions of the body, generally associated with inflamed muscle tissue, that are especially painful when touched, pressed or stretched. Trigger point injections are injections that specifically treat these areas.

How are trigger point injections used?

Trigger point injections apply an anaesthetic to the local area of the trigger point in order to alleviate pain. Injections can also include a steroid to help reduce the inflammation in a trigger point. Botox injections can also be used to provide longer periods of muscle relaxation.

When are trigger point injections used?

We can offer trigger point injections as a treatment in cases where muscles are damaged, knotted or spastic and this is causing significant pain.

What conditions do trigger point injections treat?

Trapped nerves are often caused by muscle inflammation or knotting and, in such conditions, trigger point injections can be used as a treatment. Some general muscle injuries or tightness can also be treated using these injections.

Side effects

Generally, side effects to trigger point injections are only very minor. These can include a bruising or swelling at the location of the injection and an aching sensation. When carried out by medical professionals such as the team at Pain Management Wales, more serious side effects are unlikely.