What are epidural injections?

Epidural injections are injections administered to the back or neck. These injections are between the bones of the spine and go as deep as the layers of tissue covering the nerve roots and spinal cord.  Epidural injections deliver medication directly to the source of the pain, creating a focused impact. They are an effective form of pain relief for conditions where there is irritation or pressure on the spinal nerves.

How do epidural injections work?

Epidurals can only be given by specialists such as the team at Pain Management Wales. The procedure is normally carried out using an initial, local anaesthetic in the area where the epidural will be given. The injections can be used to diagnose irritation and compression of spinal nerves, using local anaesthetic and steroid injections.

What conditions do epidural injections treat?

The painful effects of sciatica and spinal stenosis can be relieved by epidural injections.

Are there any side effects?

Whilst normally very safe, epidurals have been known to cause some minor side effects such as a temporary drop in blood pressure or reduced bladder control. Nerve damage is a more serious side effect but fortunately, very rare.