I have been seeing Professor Saxena for nearly 6 months, for my phantom limb pain. I was referred to him as he is an expert in this area. I have found him very knowledgeable and supportive. I have found great benefit with cannabis oil.

R.C, Cardiff

Many thanks to Professor Saxena and his amazing team. Esp Mollie who has been amazing in arranging our appointments and dealing with insurers.

D.D, Swansea

Great explanation and possible options for treatment to improve my condition.

J.B, seen at Spire, Cardiff

Excellent consultant. The treatment I’ve received to date is second to none.

G.B, Hereford

I have suffered with pain for over 20 years. I cannot express enough gratitude to you for dealing with me so efficiently to the entire team of Professor Saxena and for providing my treatment, which I had so long awaited, so quickly.

Mr R, seen in Swansea

My mother (84 years) was referred to Professor Saxena, by her GP. We had to cancel her appointment twice, at short notice, due to her being in severe pain. Professor Saxena’s secretary was very polite and helpful and helped arrange another appointment for us. Professor Saxena was very courteous and professional. Our consultation over-ran but we never felt rushed. He spent nearly an hour with us and explained all options in detail. We had never been told about most of these things.

Mrs JP, seen at Spire Hospital, Cardiff

I am a yoga teacher and have suffered with piriformis syndrome for nearly 2 years and nothing had worked for me. I saw Professor Saxena, who recommended and performed an injection. I have been pain-free since then except for an occasional twinge. I am so grateful.

Mrs L, seen at Spire Hospital, Cardiff

I have been under the care of Professor Saxena for my treatment for migraines. He is a an amazing doctor.

N.C, Cardiff

I saw Professor Saxena for my trochanteric bursitis. He provided same day ultrasound based injection. It was amazing to be pain free after nearly 18 months in constant pain.

K.M, seen at Nuffield, Cardiff

I was referred by my spinal surgeon. Professor Saxena really helped me deal with my back pain. I had radiofrequency treatment of my sacroiliac joint and that has helped me enormously with my hip pain. I am slowly getting back to my normal self.

Mr DW, seen at Nuffield Vale Hospital

I would certainly recommend Professor Saxena to friends. All procedures have been explained in a concise manner ensuring I fully understood the course of action and any further treatment. All staff are very friendly in Spire Cardiff with minimum wait time.

L.M, seen at Spire, Cardiff

I was referred by my work to see Professor Saxena for my back pain. It had starting taking over my life and I was struggling with work and simple things such as playing with my 6 year old son. He diagnosed facet joint syndrome and I had radiofrequency treatment, all within 2 weeks of seeing him. This procedure has changed my life and I would strongly recommend him.

Mr ST, seen at Spire Hospital, Cardiff

I have suffered with headaches for the last 10 years. Professor Saxena was really helpful in explaining my condition to me. With his help I was able to come off all my medicines, which were probably making my pain worse. My headaches are still there but I am coping better with those. It is rare to meet such excellent professionals like Professor Saxena.

Mr M, seen at Nuffield Vale Hospital

We saw Dr. Saxena for my daughter’s pain. He explained about CRPS and helped refer her to the children’s CRPS programme at Bath. She is making slow but definite progress. We are really grateful for his help.

Mrs J, seen at Spire Hospital, Cardiff

Professor Saxena is very compassionate and empathetic; particularly around the daily impact and challenges that chronic pain can have. He takes time to talk through your present pain concerns, before suggesting different avenues of pain management.

B. H, Swansea

We saw Professor Saxena for my husband’s back pain. He underwent nerve ablation treatments which have really helped. The hospital organised physiotherapy after the procedures which was also outstanding.

P.T, Hereford

Treatment very good. Unfortunately, this cream is not available on the NHS

H.P, Cardiff

Very polite, thorough gentleman. Excellent doctor. Never had anyone explain my condition in so much detail to me, as he did.

Mrs D, seen at Nuffield, Cardiff

My mum was unable to have knee arthritis surgery and so we saw Professor Saxena. He has developed radiofrequency treatment for the nerves of knee which has been remarkable for my mum. Thank you.

P.R, seen at Spire, Cardiff

I was referred to Professor Saxena for pain after I had a fractured vertebra in a car-crash. He tried a number of treatments; as I had a lot of side-effects with medicines. I had ablation treatments with radiofrequency and also nerve blocks which finally helped control the pain.

N.B, Cardiff

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