In the UK , half to one third of people suffer with Chronic Pain.British Medical Journal 2016
Over 60% of those over the age of 75 years suffer with chronic pain.British Medical Journal 2016
1 in 5 people end up losing their jobs due to ongoing pain.European Journal of Pain 2006
1 in 5 people with chronic pain develop depression.European Journal of Pain 2006
Only 2% of people with persistent pain are being treated by a pain management specialist.European Journal of Pain 2006

Pain Management Wales

At Pain Management Wales we believe that all people should have early, easy access to high-quality expertise in Pain Management.

We provide pain management services for those suffering from chronic pain, back pain, neck pain, joint pain and other pain-related conditions. Our expert specialists are recognised by all insurance providers and are ‘fee-assured’ which means that the insurers will cover full costs of the treatments covered by their schedule. 

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  • My mother (84 years) was referred to Professor Saxena, by her GP. We had to cancel her appointment twice, at short notice, due to her being in severe pain. Professor Saxena’s secretary was very polite and helpful and helped arrange another appointment for us. Professor Saxena was very courteous and professional. Our consultation over-ran but we never felt rushed. He spent nearly an hour with us and explained all options in detail. We had never been told about most of these things.

    Mrs JP Spire Hospital, Cardiff
  • I am a yoga teacher and have suffered with piriformis syndrome for nearly 2 years and nothing had worked for me. I saw Professor Saxena, who recommended and performed a botox injection. I have been pain-free since then except for an occasional twinge. I am so grateful.

    Mrs L Spire Hospital, Cardiff
  • I was referred by my work to see Professor Saxena for my back pain. It had starting taking over my life and I was struggling with work and simple things such as playing with my 6 year old son. He diagnosed facet joint syndrome and I had radiofrequency treatment, all within 2 weeks of seeing him. This procedure has changed my life and I would strongly recommend him.

    Mr ST Spire Hospital, Cardiff
  • I have suffered with pain for over 20 years. I cannot express enough gratitude to you for dealing with me so efficiently to the entire team of Professor Saxena and for providing my treatment, which I had so long awaited, so quickly.

    Mr R Royal Glamorgan Hospital

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